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BFT Fitness Staff





Group Fitness Instructors

Donna Bair


Certification: Masters Degree in Health & Wellness. Yoga, Personal Training, Pilates, Group & Water Fitness Certified.


Fitness Background: Over 20 years experience in the health and fitness field. Previous manager and owner of her own fitness facility. Encourages self-acceptance to increase body and mind awareness. Emphasizes the importance of correct alignment and practicing within your abilities to stay in touch with your own best self.


Teaches: Cardio Combo, Body Shape, Cardio/Barre Fusion, Hatha Yoga and Yogalates.


Time w/BFT: Since 2005



Marcia Jennings


Certifications: AEA Certifited and Stott Pilates Trained.


Fitness Background: Over 20 year in the fitness industry.


Teaches: Step & Sculpt, Cardio & Sculpt, Pilates and Water Aerobics.


Time w/BFT: Since 1997




Marilyn Pick


Certifications: ACE Certified - Gold Certificate for Excellence. AFAA PT, Zumba 1 & 2, and Zumba Toning.


Fitness Background: Voted "Best of Baltimore" Fitness Instructor by Baltimore Magazine, 2 term appointment by the Governor to the MD State Advisory Council on Physical Fitness. "Fitness Tips" and exercise segments are seen on cable and network TV. On the board of "Miles That Matter" to raise money for a local hospital and Chamber of Commerce - lead the warm-up for this event.


Teaches: Cardio & Step, Cardio Combo and Step & Sculpt (Women's Only).





Dana Cala


Teaches: Zumba


Time w/BFT: Since 2014





Daniel Kemp


Teaches: Yoga


Time w/BFT: Since 2014



Karen Birckhead


Certifications: AFAA Primary Group Fitness Certified and CPR. Affiliated with AAAI/ISMA and IDEA.


Fitness Background: Group fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching various fitness formats, motivating and inspiring my clients. Have coordinated and participated in various Zumba events throughout Baltimore City and County for 4 years. Is the school nurse at Bedford Elementary School, Pikesville. 


Teaches: Zumba & Bokwa


Time w/BFT: Since 2000


Tyrone Griffin


Certifications: AAFA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Circuit Training, Resistance Training, Group Training, Injury Precention with emphasis on weight management.


Fitness Background: Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer


Teaches: Sculpt & Kick Box and Cardio Combo.


Time w/BFT: Since 2010




Teaches: Tai'Chi.


Time w/BFT: 2013


Nya Ferrell


Teaches: Turbo Kick.


Time w/BFT: Since 2013










Personal Trainers





Robin Goldman


Certifications: B.S. in Human Nutrition from Cornell University, AAAI ISMA Advanced PFT, AIFE Adult Fitness.


Fitness Background: Over 25 years experience as a Master Personal Fitness Trainer, Total Body Strength Conditioning, Aqua Instructor, and Older Adult Fitness. Experiences encompasses working with weight loss, post rehab, joint replacement, cardiac, arthritic, Ahlzeimer's and dementia, Parkinson's, and diabetic clients both on land and in the water. His motto: "If you're not exercising regularly and eating healthfully, you're aging faster than you need to be!"


Time w/BFT: Since 1987



Tyrone Griffin


Certifications: AAFA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Circuit Training, Resistance Training, Group Training, Injury Precention with emphasis on weight management.


Fitness Background: Sculpt & Kick Box and Cardio Combo.


Time w/BFT: Since 2010



Vendel Grunitzky 


Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. Working towards Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) Certification - to be complete 2012.


Fitness Background: Specializes in strength development and functional training. Proponent of HIIT as a means of maximizing results in the shortest amount of time. Utilizes battle ropes and kettlebells to get client to experience a unique and challenging alternative to traditional cardio.


Time w/BFT: Since 2005