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Junior Elite Training Team


Developing The Region's Finest Tennis Athletes Since 1990






In 1990 Baltimore Fitness and Tennis established a special group of classes for their 4.5, 5.0, 5, 5, 6.0 Junior Academy students.  The designations “Junior Varsity”, “Varsity”, “State” and “Regional” were respectively attached to these levels/classes. Though they train on separate days & nights, come from different backgrounds, are different ages, and go to different schools, they form a UNITED TEAM


Every class works towards the same goals…getting to the next level. The hope of course is to build confident Junior Tennis-Athletes and bring them success on court. However, upon their graduation from the Academy, it’s fascinating to see how each individual evolved, in so many other ways, because they were a part of this special team. JETT has specialized activities, training regimens, and specialized expectations. On court, the players push themselves, and each other, to overcome physical and mental challenges.  While tennis is often regarded as an “individual sport”, the benefits of training as a team are priceless. Many of these players will play on school teams or USTA leagues which will require a skill-set unique to the team format.  More importantly, when our JETT students graduate from our Academy, they leave as a better person because they successfully engaged themselves in the team setting.  When our “Legacies” come back to train or just to visit they always say the same thing: “Being a part of JETT helped make me who I am today in far more ways than just on the tennis court.”



JETT Levels: On our Academy Level Guideline display (Lobby wall) you will see exactly how we designate student classes and the mechanical and tactical requirements for their respective levels.


JETT XPEX: Being that JETT is a unique invite or tryout only program, we believe it is critical that students hold themselves accountable to unique set of standards which are part and parcel to the team and unique to JETT.  Regardless of the student’s level the JETT XPEX are followed by all teammates so long as they are a member of the team.


JETT Match Play Ladder: Students compete weekly in their classes for ladder rankings. Each quarter a 1st Place and 2nd Place prize is awarded.


JETT Fitness: Two nights each week students go through an hour long workout with our JETT Personal Trainer with two goals in mind. One being to help increase their agility, strength and stamina, but also to have students recognize that personal fitness isn’t just during time on the court.






Our Stroke Development Classes are designed to rapidly increase the number of balls hit per hour, allowing the student to focus on proper stroke development techniques through repetition in order to internalize the correct feeling of every stroke.


Our Match Play Classes are designed to reinforce stroke and tactical development. It allows the student to better understand how to improve strokes during tactical situations for more success as well as which tactics work best at different levels of competition.

















JETT(Junior Elite Training) Camp 


Advanced Level Training (4.5 to 6.0)


At St. Timothy’s School 


11 (1)Week Sessions: 6/6-8/19 


Mon-Fri (8:30am–4:00 pm daily) 


Tournament Training and Match Play



Our Summer Outdoor Camp has proven to be

pivotal in student’s growth over the summer

months. Training together with high intensity

outside in the elements enhances their

development & is critical in their ability

to get to the next level.





Team events are a large part of JETT’s success. All JETT levels/classes get together both on and off court for fun activities activities which also promote our team values. The JETT Woody, the JETT 5k, the JETT Summer Social, and the JETTy's are the 4 events that students look forwards to most each season.