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Sports Performance Coach Allen Seals has been training athletes since 2005. Allen credits Troy Jones with encouraging him to pursue a career as an athletic coach, and, since then, Allen has had the pleasure of working with professional, college, high school, and middle school athletes in various sports, such as lacrosse, soccer, football, and tennis.  He was even one of the coaches for the 5-star football combine at the University of Maryland, the Hyattsville Sports Complex, and the Indoor Soccer Facility in Frederick.

Now, Coach Allen has taken on a critical role of training JETT tennis players during their weekly classes and summer camps. As a former Naval helicopter crewman, Allen fully understands the important role that discipline and dedication play in a young person's life.  Coach Allen vows to develop his athletes not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually.


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A main focus of Allen's is improving his athletes' speed, power, and strength. The various drills that Allen conducts during each practice emphasize controlling your body and bettering your conditioning.  Undoubtedly, then, Coach Allen's athletes will benefit, performing better on the court and reducing the potential for injuries.