JETTYs 2017

Honoring the best BFT has to offer

Director of Tennis, Dave Carroll opened the ceremony by acknowledging the JETT students and pro staff saying, "Tennis is many things to many different people.  For some, it is a form of exercise, a social experience, a job, a lifestyle, a distraction from life's challenges, a source of joy, and, hopefully, a game that we can play for the rest of our lives.  Tonight, we reflect on the past year, and we celebrate the many accomplishments of all of our Junior Elite Training Team members."


The following members were recognized for their outstanding performance:


Best In JETT

  • Steven Bingaman (Regional)

Most Improved

  • Danna Banks (Junior Varsity)

  • Ethan Cherry (Varsity)

  • Joon Kim (State)


  • Noam Fox (Junior Varsity)

  • Hashini Amarasinghe (Varsity)

  • Jacob Epstein (State)

Golden Jump Rope

  • Jayce Cornell

  • Alex Wang


    Court of Honor

    • Jake Gober


    • Brandon Schwartzberg (Junior Varsity)

    • Anna Frey (Junior Varsity)

    • Spencer Herrin (Varsity)

    • Allison Howard (Varsity)

    • Daniel Zafman (State)

    • Dennis Gong (Regional)


    • Tamar Kiewe

    • Mystee Delgado

    • David Saiontz

    • Steven Bingaman

    • Duncan Tilles

    • Anuj Apte