2018 JETTYs

Honoring the best that BFT has to offer

Director of Tennis, Dave Carroll, opened the ceremony by introducing the theme of Consistency.  "Consistency is not perfection, it is simply refusing to give up.  Success doesn't come from what we do occasionally.  It comes from what we do consistently.  Tonight, we reflect on the past year, and we celebrate the many accomplishments of all of our Junior Elite Training Team members."


The following members were recognized for their outstanding performance:


Best In JETT

  • Tyler Hall

Most Improved

  • Henrique Doria de Vasconcellos (Junior Varsity)

  • Julia Brinker (Varsity)

  • Charita Sandoze (State)


  • Arturo Guallar-Blasco (Junior Varsity)

  • Jimena Guallar-Blasco (Varsity)

  • Spencer Herrin (State)

Sports Performance

  • Mark Kuperman (Sports Performance Male Athlete of the Year)

  • Shoshi Dondes (Sports Performance Female Athlete of the Year)

  • Eitan Schulman (Sports Performance Most Improved Athlete of the Year) 


  • Arturo Guallar-Blasco (Junior Varsity)

  • Clara Gong (Junior Varsity)

  • Shoshi Dondes (Varsity)

  • Ethan Cherry (Varsity)

  • Mark Kuperman (State)


  • Tyler Hall

  • Lauren Losin

  • Meera Panikar

  • Shardul Rakshit

  • Blaire Schnitzer

  • Jordan Schwartzberg

  • Claire Voskoboynik

  • Sedric White

  • Daniel Zafman

Ladder Winners

Junior Varsity

  1. Joshua Rushlow
  2. Kousalya Gaddam
  3. Jacob Blum


  1. Colin Wang
  2. William Zhang
  3. Shoshi Dondes


  1. Daniel Zafman
  2. Nimrit Ahuja
  3. Avinash Kakarala