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Developing The Region's Finest Tennis-Athletes Since 1990

In 1990, Baltimore Fitness and Tennis established the Junior Elite Training Team (JETT).  JETT consists of Junior Varsity, Varsity, State, and Regional level classes. Members of the JETT program actively participate on middle and high school teams and compete in USTA sanctioned tournaments.  Many JETT members have regional and national rankings.

Meet this year's captains...

  Junior Varsity   Clara Gong and Arturo Guallar-Blasco

Junior Varsity

Clara Gong and Arturo Guallar-Blasco

  Varsity   Shoshi Dondes & Ethan Cherry 


Shoshi Dondes & Ethan Cherry 

  State   Mark Kuperman


Mark Kuperman


Our Mission: Build confident student-athletes who achieve success on and off the tennis court.  JETT members in each class are motivated and work hard to be promoted to the next level. 


On court, JETT members push themselves and each other to overcome physical and mental challenges. While tennis is often regarded as an "individual sport", the benefits of participating on a training team are valuable. Upon JETT graduation, team members not only leave a better tennis player but also a better person.  In fact, as one JETT "legacy" said, "Being a part of JETT has helped make me who I am today in far more ways than just on the tennis court." Legacies are encouraged to return and train with the team even after graduation.